Kirstin Weisenbacher was born in Pforzheim, South Germany. She has been interested in drawing and painting since her childhood. Her interest increased over the years when going to school. During her training in the department of a printing company (pre-press area) she developed an understanding for techniques of print-making. After finishing this training she decided to focus on her artistic and creative skills and attended the College of Applied Graphic Design in Karlsruhe. In 1998 she went to England to gain intercultural work and life experience and to practise her English. In 2000 she returned to Germany. She then worked as a graphic designer for various advertising agencies and companies. Now she lives in Pforzheim since 2009.
Her drawings and paintings are influenced by the many impressions gained from travelling and daily life. Depending on the mood of the moment she uses acrylic, pastel or water colour. Look at her art and enjoy! If you are interested in purchasing a drawing / painting please contact her.